Catcher, Caught, my third novel, was released on December 28 and I immediately flew off to meet and greet the librarians in San Diego at their mid-winter national meeting. It's available in trade paper or Kindle e-book. It was an immediate best seller on Amazon as # 1 in For Teens/Death & Dying under Social Issues. More satisfying still, high school classes where The Catcher in the Rye is being taught have added Daniel's story and its 21st century issues to the discussion of the themes in Salinger's brilliant classic. Both boys are confronted with the adult world—its morality, its lack of honesty, its seeming hypocrisy—at a time when they’re feeling isolated and overwhelmed, in the midst of the same confusion that all teenagers feel about love, family, and authority. It is my hope that Daniel’s story will extend the reach of Salinger’s brilliant classic to a new generation of readers.

Find current events, ever changing, above at the Upcoming Events tab or under What’s Happening Now page from the BLOG tab. Links to other great authors and book blogs remain on the blog subpages, by scrolling down the right-hand column. As I work on Minding Henry Lewis, another river town novel about a drowning, I’m ever mindful that Daniel Landon rowed and swam on this river as he contemplated life and tried to figure out what the world had in store for him after the leukemia hit. The anniversary of Salinger's death last January 27 is a permanent beacon to me as a writer. Real people who read and think and talk about their place in the universe can open minds and hearts to that better understanding of what it means to be human. Let me hear from you about Daniel, Holden, Lacy, Rhue, and all the other family of Honenberger characters who I hope will live beyond those pages.

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Early praise for Catcher, Caught

National Book Award finalist in 2007 for Sold, Patricia McCormick, says this about Catcher, Caught:
"When you close the book on Holden Caulfield, you know he has the rest of his life to figure it all out. But Daniel Landon only has a year to live - and just as many questions. With warmth and pitch-perfect humor, Catcher, Caught follows Daniel as he leaps, feet first, into a quest for the meaning of it all. And when you close this book, you know at least one thing Holden never did.  This book is lovely, heartfelt and well-crafted."
McCormick has five YA novels, including Cut, which sold over 400,000 copies. More at http://tinyurl.com/2fu3btn.

JD Salinger
In The Catcher in the Rye, Salinger, renowned as a pioneer of the ‘unreliable narrator,’ created Holden Caulfied, a character instantly adopted by teenagers and adults alike as an authentic interpreter of the issues faced by young people. Salinger’s influence remains today despite his withdrawal from the world and his refusal to publish new work after his retreat to New Hampshire in the 1950s. Read more about Salinger in Kenneth Slawensky’s new biography JD Salinger: A Life and at http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/29/books/29salinger.html?hp

Books Alive!
In Catcher, Caught Daniel Landon reads The Catcher in the Rye the summer he's diagnosed with leukemia. 
Isolated on a houseboat and terrified of dying before he's had a chance to live, he uses
Holden's analysis of the world as he makes his decisions about his own medical care, friendship, love and family.

Virginia Festival of the Book
The 17th Annual Virginia Festival of the Book 2011 authors and events are March 16-20, 2011. You can send a donation to defray their expenses for the cast of international authors who make the Virginia Festival one of the premier book festivals in the United States. Two panels not to miss: Illness as Narrative with Catcher, Caught and Caroline Leavitt's best-selling Pictures of You on Thursday, March 17, Noon at New Dominion Bookshop, with local Writer House President and writer Rachel Unfeker as moderator. I'll also speak at Beyond the Anthology: Blue Ridge Writers on Wednesday March 16, 6 pm at Northridge Library.

Other great literary festivals where I hope to be reading include South Carolina Book Festival on May 16-17, Brooklyn Book Festival, September 2011 and Fairfax, VA's Fall for the Book, September 2011. More author appearances and literary events at BLOG tab.

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