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Sarah Collins Honenberger’s prize-winning fiction has appeared in Antietam Review, New Millenium, South Lit, The HooK, and other literary journals. Her latest novel Catcher, Caught is an Amazon best seller in Teens/Death & Dying and a pending nominee for the Library of Virginia Fiction Award. It explores the same dilemmas facing Salinger's Holden Caulfield in a 21st century 16 year old boy's battle with leukemia. An excerpt from Catcher, Caught won third prize in the F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference Short Fiction Competition. Other novels by Honenberger: White Lies (2006) and Waltzing Cowboys (2009). She holds an honorary membership in the Virginia Writers’ Club for her continued encouragement and support of other writers in addition to being a fellow with the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Her essay, ‘Gathering Rosebuds: A Manifesto for Working Women,’ landed her on an Oprah book club segment. She divides her time between Orange, VA and a river house in Tappahannock, the setting for Catcher, Caught. She is currently working on another river novel, Minding Henry Lewis.

Author's Resume

Freelance features, ‘People,’ and ‘Arts,’ OC Magazine, Nov. ’05 to Aug. '10
Teacher, ‘Creative Writing,’ St. Margaret’s High School 2003, 2004
Copy Editor, The Miller Center, UVA, Feb 2002 to 2003
Panelist, South Carolina Book Festival, VA BOOK Festival, Capitol Book Fest, Book 'Em
Judge, Mid-Atlantic Writers' Conference, VWC, The HooK, Raleigh Fine Arts Council, UVA Writer's Eye

Catcher, Caught (AmazonEncore 12/2010) Novel
"Alphabet Mysteries," The 2010 Blue Ridge Anthology, October 2010
"Catcher, Caught," 3rd prize, F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference Competition, October 2010
'Dance Partners,' Peeks & Valleys, Summer 2009
Dancing on the Ledge: Stories
, semi-finalist, St. Lawrence Book Award
(Cedar Creek 1/2009)
'Where the Road Leads,' Peeks & Valleys, November 2008
'A Perfect Funeral,' FIRST PLACE, Blue Ridge Writers' Chapter, July 2008
‘Dancing on the Ledge,’ SECOND PLACE, The HooK, March 2008
‘Lost in the Land of Sunshine,’ THIRD PLACE, The HooK, March 2008
‘Night Noises,’ Nights and Weekends Online, March 23, 2008
WHITE LIES, Nominee, Library of Virginia Fiction Award 2007
WHITE LIES: A Tale of Babies, Vaccines and Deception, (Cedar Creek 12/2006)
'Dreams from the Belly of a Truck,' Pedestal Literary Magazine, February 2007
'A Myriad of Murgatroyds,' The Blue Ridge Anthology, March 1, 2007
‘Movie Magic,’ Editors’ Choice Award, Southern Lit, July 2006
‘The Serengeti of the Heart,’ FIRST PLACE, VWC ’05 & CWC ’05
‘Waltzing Cowboys,’ FIRST PLACE, The HooK, Mar ’04
‘Wanted: One Ark,’ SECOND PLACE, UVA Writer’s Eye Nov ’03
‘The Lodge,’ Ghosts Stories of New England, (Rock Village Publ.) Mar ’03
Fellowship, VA Center for Creative Arts, October 2002
‘Repeater,’ SECOND PLACE, The Hook, Mar ’02
‘Nothing in this World Belongs to Josie,’ W & M Literary Review, Sprg ’02
‘Feeding Old Man Watson,’ Antietam Review, FIRST PLACE, June ’00
‘Deep Breathing,’ New Millenium, FIRST PLACE, Winter ’99-00
‘Three Thousand Miles,’ Semi-finalist, H.E.Francis Literary Competition April 2000 (Univ. of Alabama)
‘Gathering Rosebuds,’ Smith College Quarterly, Winter ’99-00
‘Cry for America,’ Rockhurst Review, Vol. XII 1999
‘Sweet Dreams,’ FINALIST, C-Ville Weekly, ’97, appeared in The Magazine '99
‘A Proper Upbringing,’ Blueline, Vol. X 1999
‘Dear Ann,’ Messages from the Heart, Spring ’99
‘Gathering Rosebuds,’ Oprah Winfrey Show, 10-28-98

Smith College, B.A. (History) 1974 * William & Mary Law, J.D. 1978

VA Writers Club, Board, January 1999 to present
Blue Ridge Chapter, VA Writers’ Group, Member and former President, 2000-2002



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