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3/12/2012 Today I finished polishing the manuscript. Ready to get moving on the next one. Lighter and easier to write, I hope. Will be posting an excerpt before April 1, would love comments from readers.  

2/19/2012  Granddaughter, the first, is a wonderful addition to the family. Not the only reason I’ve been neglecting the internet. I finished Minding Henry Lewis in Bradenton this winter, dog-sitting for a friend. While I didn’t feel as adventuresome as when I stayed on the sailboat and wrote Catcher, Caught, it was easier during stormy weather. Only two mornings of rain in four weeks this year.

5/7/2011  Sorry to be away so long, busy, busy writing and polishing. Sent The Vulture Tree off to my agent yesterday. I heard Jesse Harper’s new songs at a Staunton concert, and he’s definitely the man for the screenplay music. One of his songs plays for the You Tube video book trailer on Catcher, Caught.

3/17/2011 SRO for the Book Festival panel at New Dominion on Catcher, Caught and other narratives of illness. Some tough stories these great women authors read from, and we all streamed off for other panels after our signing.

2/25/2011 Writing retreat at my Gainesville Sister in law’s is over today. Off to Disneyworld and a break from my fictional world. Tomeeka Breeden, my protagonist in Minding Henry Lewis, novel in progress, is a cool kid, working through her guilt over her little brother’s drowning and her anger at Celie Lowell, the 58 year old white woman who’s feeling guilty too for not being able to jump in and save him.

2/14/2011 Took a break from working on the novel in progress MINDING HENRY LEWIS and ate lunch on the sunny porch of my sister in law’s house in Gaineville, FL. A tiny lizard came and watched me. I’m reading The Iron King on my Kindle for an online book discussion I will lead in March in the Goodreads group YA Book Club.

12/3/2010  New book trailer at YouTube titled: Holden Caulfield, On the Road. Check it out and please leave a comment, helps us plan for the next one. 

Met friends this morning at the The Light Well, the new coffeeshop/restaurant in Orange on Main Street. What a fabulous venue, old heat pipes overhead, tin ceiling, and the light well, an old-fashioned sky light. Perhaps we’ll do a reading there in January the week after the book is released and before I have to hop on the plane to San Diego for the American Librarians’ annual conference where my publisher has arranged a panel appearance and signing.

(This photo is the river Daniel Landon leaves behind when Holden Caulfield inspires him to go to New York City after he realizes he’s not getting better with his parents’ alternative remedies. More at YouTube under “Holden Caulfield, Where Are You?)

11/2/10 Part of my reading from CATCHER, CAUGHT on October 29, 2010 at the Book & Author Dinner to Benefit the Friends of  the Rappahannock Community College Library:

“And if you have parents like mine, they don’t trust the doctors because those same doctors are part of the corporate machine tied to the big bad pharmaceutical companies. Who are all in league with the government with a capital G. So el parentos refuse the advice and talk to lesser-known gurus, who live in the Andes Mountains or the Yucatan, about natural remedies and you end up eating boysenberries pureed with rare duck eggs.

Leukemia sucks.”

11/3/2010 Working with my webdesigner to learn how to post my events myself. Over the next month, the site will be changing to redirect you here from home page tabs. It should allow a more current event list, anticipating that with Catcher, Caught‘s release I’ll be on the road more and need to make those changes more quickly. And respond more quickly to comments and inquiries from visitors/readers.

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