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"It’s never too late to form something special. Waltzing Cowboys tells the story of an old cowboy who begins to understand his own mortality and fix his life’s wrongs, starting with the son he never met who lives across the country. A tale filled with interesting characters, Waltzing Cowboys is an intriguing read and a drama of humanity."
- MidWest Reviews

"Waltzing Cowboys... an intriguing story of an estranged father and son...a fresh, compelling and very touching human story – a page turner, and easy-to-read family saga."
- www.ArmchairInterviews.com

"...deftly written ..a short, but fascinating novel."
- Austin Camacho, Editor, Bookviews.com

“A brilliant debut by a fine new novelist, a rare gem - a superbly written tale that deals with the sorts of things that matter most in life - such as love and family - and also with such great and timeless themes as tragedy and triumph; character strengths and failings; duty, honor and integrity; and courage in the face of adversity. Sarah Collins Honenberger is a gifted storyteller, a master of nuance who knows how to move you deeply; how to lift your heart; how to grab your attention and hold it.”
- Copley News Service

"Waltzing Cowboys is a splendid novel, in design and execution a fancy two-step the past does with the present. Ms. Honenberger is writer with a wealth of talent, all of which she wisely spends in the service of her characters, for hers is the notion that we servants of the 'liar's art' have the moral obligation to address the truths—slight and grand, welcome and not—that animate our crooked kind. Lordy, what sweet music this writing is to my ear."
- Lee Abbott, Pulitzer Prize nominee and author of All Things, All at Once

"I read Waltzing Cowboys with a great deal of pleasure. The writing is alive... sense of place is excellent, and... for all its dark side, it is, finally, a happy story about good people, unusual in this day and age. Unflinching, yet positive.”
- George Garrett, Novelist, former VA Poet Laureate, and author of Death of a Fox

“A lesson in how the quietest fiction can often be the most powerful.”
Meridian Editor, Stephen Boykewich.

“With confidence and compelling momentum, Sarah Honenberger navigates the shoals and rapids and deep, reflecting pools encountered on the many journeys by characters in this insightful book. Here families, friends and lovers seek to express and control their flawed and fragile humanity in the face of heartbreak, tragedy and flickering hope. She reminds me anew why our judges awarded her a first place award for fiction not so long ago.”
– Don Williams, Writer and Editor of New Millennium Writings.

“Story-telling at its finest. Honenberger weaves her crisp prose with small details and real emotions that carry you past human misery to a celebration of parenthood. A book club find.”
- Scott Bard, Editor, Longstreet Press.

“Sarah Collins Honenberger's White Lies is a compelling account of tragedy, but it is also a compelling portrayal of heroism and how complicated and difficult it is to right a wrong. Here is a courtroom drama of the highest order, where the human scale of justice and suffering is beautifully portrayed. White Lies is a wonderfully sympathetic and knowing portrait of a sorrowing mother and the attorney who came to her aid.”
- Carrie Brown, 2001 Library of Virginia fiction winner, author of The Hatbox Baby, Confinement, Rose's Garden, Lamb in Love, and The House at Belle Isle.

Cedar Creek Publishing, Honenberger’s publisher, also believes the story is an important one. Editor, Linda Layne, remarked how her company has traditionally only handled nonfiction works, but has tracked Honenberger’s talent as an award-winning writer for the past decade. “It’s an honor to be launching Sally’s first novel. Like a watercolor artist, Sally has creatively blended a good book of fiction using a palette of true experiences and raw emotions that take you into the minds of the characters and to the heart of the events. White Lies is more than an opportunity to raise awareness for vaccine injury issues. It’s about conflict and loss, hope and redemption for a grieving mother and her disillusioned attorney. A good story. And that’s what readers want, to lose themselves in a good story.”
- Linda Layne, Cedar Creek Publishing

“From the character development, to the unfolding of the plot, the rich sense of place, the control of complex material, through the wonderfully open-ended denouement, so especially right and effective, I was hooked. I loved it.”
- W. Edward Blain; Author of Passion Play and Love Cools; Chair, Woodberry Forest English Department

“Honenberger has beautifully combined an expose of a tragic national issue with the impact it has on the lives of the protagonist lawyer, her family, and the woman and child she represents. The characters are alive, and the settings of towns and courtrooms are believable because they are drawn with such exacting care. But it is the story itself that is riveting. The struggle to get justice for a child hopelessly damaged by medical incompetance and bad policy is told competently and quietly, and will not fail to engage and enrage the reader. This easy-to-read and hard-to-forget book belongs on every parent’s bookshelf.”
- Shirley’s Wellness Cafe

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