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Cedar Creek is offering book club kits at a special DISCOUNT (read phenomenal) to indies, and libraries a chance to purchase book club kits (8 copies) of either novel. WHITE LIES, 8 copies for $55, and WALTZING COWBOYS, 8 copies for $45. Both prices include shipping.

WHITE LIES was a 2007 nominee for the Library of Virginia Book Festival and WALTZING COWBOYS, just released in January, was an Editor's pick in December on

Place your orders at with a mailing address or send your check and mailing address to Cedar Creek, PO Box 113, Bremo Bluff, VA 23022.

How to Order White Lies
Book Club discount is $15 (including tax and shipping) for more than 4 books in one shipment.

Book Clubs, here's a deal. Receive one free with every 8 copies ordered. White Lies makes a unique present for employee groups. If the employer wishes to send names by email, I'll autograph them to each recipient. I had employers in New Jersey and Florida do this last year as well as some Orange County folks.

White Lies Online
Autographed copies may be purchased from the author by emailing (click to order)
Honenberger recommends Coal Black Horse by Robert Olmstead or The Rope Walk by Carrie Brown.

Credit card sales and bookstore/bulk orders are available from BCH Distributors, 1-800-431-1579 or

Powell's Books (click to order)

White Lies In Bookstores
In Charlottesville, Virginia try New Dominion Bookstore (on the front table), Downtown Mall.
In Richmond, Virginia, try Borders at W. Broad and Gaskins and Fountain Bookstore in Shockoe Slip.
In Norfolk, signed copies are available at Prince Books, 109 E. Main Street.

Interested in knowing more about the book? Read an excerpt from White Lies (40 KB .pdf).




Discussion Points for Book Clubs - White Lies
1. What role does adversity play in Lacy’s perceptions of the world and of her ability to direct or alter the events in her life?

2. What do Lacy’s memories of her childhood tell us about her as a person? How do they inform her role as a mother?

3. What ethical or moral obligation do doctors have to tell the whole truth to the families of their patients? Was there any justification for the doctors’ withholding information from Lacy based on their perception that she wasn’t strong enough to handle the truth?

4. If career choice is based in part on personality, how does Jean’s dissatisfaction with her job affect the way she views herself as a person? As a mother?

5. What are the pros and cons of one parent revealing to another child’s parent(s) information about their child’s participation in dangerous or illegal activities?

6. How is the portrayal of Hamilton Fine important to the development of Jean’s character? To her realizations about balance between career and family? How about Adriana Kordoba’s effect on Jean’s self-analysis?

7. How do the contrasts between Lacy and Jean contribute to the reader’s understanding of the challenges working mothers face?

8. When is it that Lacy finally realizes she can change the world around her? Are there other times in her journey when there is a glimmer of that possibility?

9. At what point is the risk from a vaccine too great to encourage its use? Who should make that decision and what part should parents play in that decision?

10. Consider the challenges Lacy and Scott Kellam faced when Danny was injured by the vaccine and how the manufacturers and the government might have assisted in meeting those challenges.

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